Urad Dal Split

Urad Dal Split also known as split black lentils. This dal retains the skin and has a strong flavour. It can be ground into a flour or a paste and used in various recipes. The Urad Dal Split exporter in Ukraine exports a large quantity of Dal every year. Due to its various uses and health benefits, the Urad Dal Split export from Ukraine has been growing over the years. The Ukrainian Urad Dal Split exporter has a good opportunity to export his products to different corners of the world. The Urad Dal Split export includes various varieties of the Dal being exported from Ukraine.




The Urad Dal Split is used while cooking various recipes. It is widely used while making South Ukrainian cuisine like Dosa, chutney so on and so forth. The Urad Dal Split exporter in Ukraine has to export premium quality dal. The products should also adhere to the quality and safety guidelines of the country in order to avoid any complications or issues during the process. The Urad Dal Split import from Ukraine has been increasing due to the great reputation of the grain in the market.


Product Name Urad Dal Split
Origin Ukraine
Family Fabaceae
Binomial name Vigna mungo. (L.) Hepper




  • Culinary Urad Dal Split has a high amount of Folic Acid. Folic Acid is required for various metabolic processes of your body.
  • Culinary Urad Dal Split is also good for your blood. The Folic Acid in this dal helps your body to form and maintain new cells.
  • Culinary Urad Dal Split is rich in calcium and Phosphorus. Therefore, this dal is said to be very good for your bones and teeth.


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