Poppy Seed

Poppy Seed is the seed from the poppy plant. Poppy Seeds are also known as Khus Khus and are a well-known ingredient in various Ukrainian cuisines. They have a peculiar nutty taste and are highly recommended to add a nice aroma to any cuisine. The Poppy Seed exporter in Ukraine exports huge quantities of the product each year. Due to the rising popularity of the seeds, Poppy Seed export from Ukraine has been increasing rapidly over the decades. The Ukrainian Poppy Seed exporter, therefore, is exporting more and more products each year. This Poppy Seed export includes the export of various varieties of the product.




The Global Market Demand for Poppy Seeds has been increasing over the years. This may be because of the awareness about its various health benefits and diverse uses. The Poppy Seed exporter in Ukraine exports Poppy Seeds from Ukraine to different corners of the world. The Poppy Seed import from Ukraine has been increasing due to the premium quality and varieties of Poppy Seeds exported from the country.


Product Name Poppy Seed
Origin Greece and the Orient
Family Papaveraceae
Binomial name L. Papaver somniferum


Nutrients Calories 525 kcal
Total Carbohydrates 28g
Dietary Fiber 20g
Minerals Calcium
Vitamins Vitamin B-6
Vitamin C
Protein 18 g
Fats Fat 42g



  • Culinary Poppy Seed may be useful to treat asthma, constipation, cough, diarrhea caused by infection, difficulty sleeping, and to diagnose a condition called a vesicoenteric fistula.
  • Culinary In the Food Industry, poppy seeds are used to make cakes, pastries, filling, glaze, or porridge.
  • Culinary In the manufacturing industry, the poppy seed oil is used to make soap, paint, and varnish.


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