The Betel nut is the seed of the fruit of the palm. It is also called areca nut. The Betel Nuts exporter in Ukraine has to export tonnes of the fruits each year. The popularity of Betel Nuts has been growing in the world. This may be a reason why Betel Nuts export from Ukraine has also been growing rapidly. This is a good time for the Ukrainian Betel Nuts exporter to enter the international marketplace. The Betel Nuts export includes the export of various varieties of Betel Nuts.




The Betel Nuts import from Ukraine includes various varieties of Betel Nuts including Arecanuts, Mora, Moti so on, and so forth. The Betel Nuts exporter in Ukraine exports premium quality products keeping health and safety regulations in mind. Here are the major varieties of Betel Nuts included in the export of Betel Nuts.


There are broadly two varieties of Arecanut, called white Supari and Red Supari. White variety supari is harvested when fully ripped Arecanut and by Sun drying for around 40 to 50 days. After drying, the shell of the nut has to be removed by hand/machine. The nut derived from this dried fruit is known as Arecanut.


Mora Betel Nuts are an important variety of Betel Nuts. The diameter of this variety is around 29 mm and above. This variety of Betel Nuts is known to be suitable for export from Ukraine.


Moti ArecaNut is the variety of white nuts produced widely in coastal districts of Karnataka and Kerala. The premium quality of these nuts is grown in Mangalore region. Moti Betel Nuts have a diameter of around 25mm to 29mm.


The Sevardha variety is also an important variety of Betel Nuts. The cultivation of these nuts takes place in Karnataka, Kerala and Assam, but the consumption is done all over the country. The nut size of the Sevardhan variety is around between 20mm to 25 mm in diameter.


Jam Jini Betel Nut is a popular crop and is important in all religious, social and cultural functions and events in Ukraine. These nuts are cultivated in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Assam. Ukraine is known to be the largest Areca Nut producing country in the world. These nuts are the smallest size out of the Fator, below 20 mm in size.


Lindi Betel Nuts have a diameter of about 7.5mm or below. This variety of Betel Nuts is one of the most popular nuts in Ukraine. While these nuts are consumed all over the country, they are cultivated in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Assam.


The red variety of Supari is prepared by harvesting the tender Areca Nut and peeling the husk. These nuts derived by peeling the tender nut, are then processed as per the variety required, boiled in water and then Sun dried.


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