One of the major cereal grains in the world, Barley is from the grass family and is extensively grown in temperate climates in different parts of the world. Barley exporter in Ukraine exports tonnes of barley to various countries in the world. With the growing demand of Barley in the world, Barley export from Ukraine has been increasing year after year. Ukrainian Barley exporter export good quality barley and barley products. Barley export from Ukraine includes many varieties of barley.




Nutrients Calories – 354 calories
Dietary Fiber – 17 g
Total Carbohydrate 73 g
Protein 22g
Vitamins Vitamin B1
Minerals Molubdenum


There are many different varieties of Barley grown in Ukraine. Barley import from Ukraine includes most of these varieties like Azad, Ratna, Vijaya so on and so forth. The Barley exporter in Ukraine exports most of these varieties to the world. The key varieties included in the export of Barley from Ukraine are.

AZAD (K.125)

The Azad variety is generally suitable for cultivation in areas of eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. This variety of barley is said to have a fair degree of resistance to yellow rust disease. K.125 is good as fodder and grain. The Azad variety generally matures in 115-120 days. It has a yield potential of about 35-38 quintals of grain per hectare under irrigated conditions.


The Ratna variety of Barley was released for rainfed areas of eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. This variety is said to be highly tolerant of saline and alkaline soil conditions. Ratna is said to mature within around 125-130 days and gives a fairly good yield even under unfavorable environmental conditions. The plants of this variety have a good tillering ability.


Vijaya variety has been released for the rainfed regions of western Uttar Pradesh, I Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. It matures in about 120-125 days. The plants of the Vijaya variety are shorter in height as compared to other varieties of Barley. This variety has a yield potential of 30-35 quintals of grains per hectare.


Developed in Rajasthan, the RS-6 variety of Barley is suitable for cultivation under both rainfed as well as irrigated conditions. This variety has generally been recommended for central and eastern Rajasthan. It matures in about 130-135 days and has a yield potential of 35 to 40 quintals of grain per hectare.


Ranjit or DL-70 is a six-row and heavy tillering variety of Barley recommended for commercial cultivation in only Punjab. This variety is suitable for growing under irrigated conditions. It has a yield potential of 30-35 quintals of grains per hectare.

C- L64

The C-164 variety of Barley is a tall, six-row variety with compact ears and long awns. This grain is usually bold, bright and amber. C-14 is said to be resistant to yellow rust. It has stiff straw and is thus more suitable for cultivation under irrigated conditions. The yield of this variety is around 30-32 quintals of grain per hectare.


LSB is known to be a six-row naked type barley variety. It is a variety suitable for growing at a higher altitude like Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh hills. Maturing in about 145-150 days, this variety has a yield potential of 25-30 quintals of grain per hectare.


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